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adventure life in Kagoshima

we had moved from Tokyo to Kagoshima, the southern part of Japan since 2012.

on 11th of March 2012, we had arrived in Kyushu, by ferry ship with our new small car after 2nights journey on the ship.
we had 7 hours driving to reach to Kagoshima from the port.

why we had moved from tokyo?
because of that we wanted to have adventure life in kagoshima where has different culture, unknown life, and high quality of foods.

although we sometimes travel to Tokyo or the other cities in the world, we wanted to change our base town.

now, kagoshima is our new hometown.

we started the second hometown project here which is art project for researching another possibilities and relationship between society and arts.

we had settle down in a small village, called Kawakami, at just near to the primary school
that had closed and no more students. beautiful, quiet, and a bit sad.

what we can do for this area and people?
what we can do for our next generation's future?
what arts can do for society?

our new journey has started from here, Kagoshima.

contemporary dance artist: JOU
audio visual artist: Mitsuaki Matsumoto
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DAAIC(dancing area & arts info. center)2013

DAAIC(dancing area & arts info. center)2013

DAAIC(dancing area & arts info. center)2013_e0271882_4115821.jpgKawakami, junior high school in a beautiful village is not open anymore, but it still exists.
We try to make new connective way between arts and society by this event.
an empty gymnastic studio become information center for arts and areas during the time.
for this year, we will have the guest artist, Cristian Vogel, who will plan to compose and record his music through residency, and we will discover our experimental project by his artistic point of view.
and as a result of the residency program, we will see a part of his musical work that has been done in our village during his residency by the closing event on 26th Jan. 2014.

open 3days in a week: Mon/ Thu/ Sun

@Kawakami junior high school gym-studio (next to the farmer's shop Yamabiko-kan)
farmer's shop Yamabiko-kan

produced by second hometown project

Guest Artist 2013
Cristian Vogel (2014/1/13-1/26)

DAAIC(dancing area & arts info. center)2013_e0271882_434390.jpgCristian Vogel is a composer, music producer and music theorist specialising
in experimental electronic music, club culture and sound art.

His work is known worldwide through state-of-the-art DJ and
Live performances to compositions for choreography and
many studio productions.

Over a 20 year career at the vanguard of European electronic music,
his work has been highly acclaimed for its quality, vision and attention to detail.

He is currently based in Berlin.


for more information is coming soon

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Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival 2013

for Japanese info.←click here

Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival 2013

2013/July 19th- August 4th

9 city & town in kagoshima
29 guest artists
27 places in the 9 city and town

join us!

the festival provides and requests artists opportunity to discover another way of connection between people and place by creating interactive and collaborative performance event.

for more information coming soon!


places:27 places in 9 city & town

Kagoshima city/ Kanoya city/ Kimotsuki town/ Kirishima city/ Minami-osumi town/ Osaki town/ Shibushi city/ Soo city


[osumi area] 19 places
Ameta cafe(Kanoya city)
information center/ cafe

Kamino primary school
exhibit/ WS/ live performance
Hiroshi Matsuzaki, GOTO AKI,. Yuko Hirai, Yasumune Morishige

restaurant Mitsuketa (Osaki town)
exhibit kidz WS

Uchinoura Ginga Areana (Kimotsuki town)
live performance/ WS/ video installation
Yuji Hanawa, Yuko Hirai, JOU, Masami Inaba, Yasumune Morishige

Osaki book store (Osaki town)
2013/08/01-31 exhibit by kidz WS

Kanoya Rose Gerden (Kanoya city)
exhibit kidz WS

Kawakami primary school
/Kawakami junior high school (Kimotsuki town)
exihibt/ WS/ live performance
orectoronica, sachiyo honda, / Kimiko Otaka, Yuki Anai, Taneo Kato, /Yumiko Tanaka, POL,MItsuaki Matsumoto

Kishira day care center (Kimotsuki town)
july-august 5th
artist in residence
sachiyo honda

Kitada street(Kanoya city)
kidz workshop/ performance/ talk
setsuhi shiraishi, kohei harada. , mitsuaki matsumoto, seika iwashita

CUREO HALL (Shibushi city)
2013/08/04(sun) final event
10 piano plays/ closing session/ after talk
HIdeaki Takahashi, POL, JOU

Nihon Yuki co.(Soo city)
2013/08/01 talk
Taneo Kato

Nogata (Osaki town)
kidz WS

Hananoki farm(Minami osumi town)
kidz WS

Jiro Hirano artist house (Soo city)
night stay WS by Jiro Hirano

Wakashio shuzo (Shbushi city)
performance at shochu "kuramoto"- where japanese yam poteto sake is made-

[Kagoshima city]
Brains Studio
2013/07/19(fri) 11:00-18:30
informatin center/ my favorite books library/kagoshima food cooking

Maruya Gardens
look for dancers/ food exhibition / reception party
2013/07/19(fri) 18:30-21:00
7th floor

Retroft chitose
2013/07/19(fri) 11:00-18:30
my favorite books library

Sakurajima visitoe center
by kotoe sameshima

[Isa /Kirishima area]
Satsumaya Restaurant (Isa city)
live showing
C.I.co., Kimiko Otaka, JOU, Mitsuaki Matsumoto,

Yamanonishi Cultural Exchange House (Isa city)
contact improvisation WS by C.I.co.

Hinode onsen Kinoko no sato (Kirishima city)
exhibit/ live music
Mitsuaki Matsumoto, Kohei Harada.


[Guest Artists/Guest Specialists]

POL : Electronic musician, producer (Geneve, Sweetzerland)
Electronic music producer since the dawn of the nineties, he will use kyma system technology to create strange music and hacking the sounds produced by his mate Mitsuaki.

Kohei Harada : musician/glitch programer
He presented live/composition/improv/installtion by using MaxMspJitter. And also he concerned with many overseas artists.

Kazuyuki Taguchi : composer
Self-taught in composition. He composes music used mathematical techniques for the control of musical sound.

Yasumune Morishige : improviser, cello player
he plays improvised music and original songs playing cello, with various musicians, dancers, etc. and he also takes photographs.

Yuko Hirai : dancer, choreographer
She works for her solo performances or collaboration works.
Also she works Takatani's recent pieces as a Dumb Type member.

olectronica : artist unit
olectronica is the arts' unit founded by Ryu Kato and Junpei Kodama. they organize "tilted house" and present installation works.

Hideaki Takahashi : musician, media artist(Tokyo, Fukuoka)
Released and organized CDs, DVDs and live performances with other artists or projects such as mjuc, deepframe and natureblunt.
And also made many works which is connected with visual and sound.

Goto Aki : photographer

His first book <LAND ESCAPES>has been published in 2012.He is holding photo exhibitions at Canon Gallery. 

Yumiko Tanaka : Shamisen performer
Tanaka has been very active worldwide as a Shamisen player and vocalist.

Setsuhi Shiraishi : Japanese Calligrapher (Tokyo)

Sachiyo Honda : visual artist
She is creating collage, video work and performance, and presented them in Europe.

Yuki Anai : creator
His works are created by using technology in many areas, from internet to actual space.

Kotoe Sameshima : artist (Kagoshima city)
Her work on the theme of Sakurajima-the active volcano mountain in kagoshima- is made by her life as twin baby’s mother.

Contact Improvisation group C.I.co.(Chico Katsube/ Shoko Kashima) : / dance artists
Contact Improvisation group C.I.co.(Chico Katsube/ Shoko Kashima) : / dance artists
Since the founding a group of C.I.co. in 2000, They have been actively leading CI in Japan and the world. They moved their base from Tokyo to Isa city, Kagoshima in 2012.

Hiroshi Matsuzaki : artist
Artist, painter. based in Itoshima. director of Studio Kura co. runs artist in residence place.

JOU : contemporary dance artist
choreographer, dancer, and produce/organize artistic network and events.

Mitsuaki Matsumoto : audio-visual artist/improvisation musician/ electronic music
making artistic sounds and space in tokyo-kagoshima/europe.

Youji Hanawa : dancer, choreographer
born in 1942, Yamagata-northen area of Japan. biside of being president of Japan moderndance association, he still keep dancing on stage.

Seika Iwashita : vocalist, singer

Seiichi : photographer
yanedan artist.

Kimiko Otaka : dancer, chorepgrapher
Her works are on the border between dance and arts coming from other horizons (contemporary arts, circus, theater etc...) on the earth, the ice, and in the air. Based in Paris.

Haruo Hirano : artist
one of his works[GINGA]@Roppongi art night2009

Ryutaro Higashikawa: specialist
specialist for talking, promoting, and studying about kagoshima.

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Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival2013
guest artist


Goto Aki has journeyed to 51 countries since traveling around the world in 1993 up through today.

His trademark is creating image worldviews, especially of journeys, that are tranquil and expansive beyond what can be captured with the human eye. He has recently branched into the visual art field, such as with an installation using water and light as motifs. He also launched the independent label “traviaggio publishing” in 2012. Aki’s activities extend beyond the range of a conventional photographer, including publishing activities, exhibits, live performances, and participation in art festivals.

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Setsuhi Shiraishi/Japanese Calligrapher

Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival2013
guest artist

Setsuhi Shiraishi/Japanese Calligrapher

Pursuing her own unique style of calligraphy while expressing the world of traditional calligraphy. The world she creates by subliming calligraphy into a composite art through collaboration with music, craft or fine art is highly regarded.

Having held personal exhibitions and participated in art fairs overseas such as in Paris. The live performances she has gave in collaboration with jazz, improvisation, classical music and other arts have attracted a large number of fans around the world.

Lecturer of the Aoyama Calligraphy School at Aoyama Bell Commons, Tokyo. Host of the calligraphy salon at the art space and cafeteria Sakaiki in Yotsuya-sanchome, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

To cite some of her activities in 2012: in London, U.K, she participated in an art competition at the Royal College of Art, and gave a calligraphy performance at the British Museum and a joint performance with the London Improvisers Orchestra. In Rennes, France, she gave a live performance and held a calligraphy workshop. In Japan, she held exhibitions and gave live performances at various places such as the live and dining club JZ Brat, the private salon Diners Club Ginza Lounge, and old houses with a Japanese traditional atmosphere.
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Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival2013
guest srtist


Chico Katsube
Contact improvisation Group C.I.co. / Dance Artist
Since the founding a group of C.I.co. in 2000, she has been actively leading CI in Japan and the world. She moved her base from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Shoko Kashima in 2012.

Shoko Kashima

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Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival2013
guest artist

Electronic music producer since the dawn of the nineties, nested between the persistant hammering of an electro dancefloor and the dark backstages of the post-industrial civilisation, POL infiltrates his music into our world by every mean. At the decks or performing live, we follow his footprints from the techno underworld of Geneva to the clubs of the planet (Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, Lisbon, Bogota…).

On the screens, his productions have insinuated themselves in the arty zombies movie of cult director Bruce LaBruce, but also in the very frenchy Quand j’étais chanteur, with Cécile de France and Gérard Depardieu, whose original soundtrack features a track produced by POL with his former ‘team-mate’ Water Lilly… On record, his productions are hosted by Helvet Underground, a digital label that he runs himself, and on CD on Poor Records, a small swiss label gaining attention on the world circuit with artists such as Kid Chocolat, Love Motel, Solange La Frange or Gina & Tony. His last album TENSION is out on Urgence Disk.

In 1991, POL was largely contributing to the laying out of Geneva’s electronic music foundations as a member of MXP, together with Plastique De Rêve. In 2002, he was projecting himself into space by co-writing Water Lilly’s music, electro-techno with a touch of pop gla
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Kimiko Otaka

Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival2013
guest artist

Kimiko Otaka
My works are on the border between dance and arts coming from other horizons (contemporary arts, circus, theater etc...) on the earth, the ice, and in the air. Based in Paris.

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Hiroshi Matsuzaki

Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival 2013
guest artist

Hiroshi Matsuzaki

http://www.studiokura.com/Hiroshi Matsuzaki_e0271882_0144259.jpg

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morishige yasumune

Osumi-Kagoshima Arts Festival 2013
guest artist

morishige yasumune

he plays improvised music with cello. he learned playing cello by himself and have developed his unique sense of improvisation making sound and silence with acoustic instruments. he has been having various performances with musicians, dancers, poets and etc. he also sings his original songs playing cello. and, he takes photographs. his first photo book "photographs" was published from "powershovel books" in 2010.

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