DAAIC(dancing area & arts info. center)2013

DAAIC(dancing area & arts info. center)2013

e0271882_4115821.jpgKawakami, junior high school in a beautiful village is not open anymore, but it still exists.
We try to make new connective way between arts and society by this event.
an empty gymnastic studio become information center for arts and areas during the time.
for this year, we will have the guest artist, Cristian Vogel, who will plan to compose and record his music through residency, and we will discover our experimental project by his artistic point of view.
and as a result of the residency program, we will see a part of his musical work that has been done in our village during his residency by the closing event on 26th Jan. 2014.

open 3days in a week: Mon/ Thu/ Sun

@Kawakami junior high school gym-studio (next to the farmer's shop Yamabiko-kan)
farmer's shop Yamabiko-kan

produced by second hometown project

Guest Artist 2013
Cristian Vogel (2014/1/13-1/26)

e0271882_434390.jpgCristian Vogel is a composer, music producer and music theorist specialising
in experimental electronic music, club culture and sound art.

His work is known worldwide through state-of-the-art DJ and
Live performances to compositions for choreography and
many studio productions.

Over a 20 year career at the vanguard of European electronic music,
his work has been highly acclaimed for its quality, vision and attention to detail.

He is currently based in Berlin.


for more information is coming soon

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