adventure life in Kagoshima

we had moved from Tokyo to Kagoshima, the southern part of Japan since 2012.

on 11th of March 2012, we had arrived in Kyushu, by ferry ship with our new small car after 2nights journey on the ship.
we had 7 hours driving to reach to Kagoshima from the port.

why we had moved from tokyo?
because of that we wanted to have adventure life in kagoshima where has different culture, unknown life, and high quality of foods.

although we sometimes travel to Tokyo or the other cities in the world, we wanted to change our base town.

now, kagoshima is our new hometown.

we started the second hometown project here which is art project for researching another possibilities and relationship between society and arts.

we had settle down in a small village, called Kawakami, at just near to the primary school
that had closed and no more students. beautiful, quiet, and a bit sad.

what we can do for this area and people?
what we can do for our next generation's future?
what arts can do for society?

our new journey has started from here, Kagoshima.

contemporary dance artist: JOU
audio visual artist: Mitsuaki Matsumoto
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