secondhometown project

Mitsu and JOU had moved out from Tokyo and started new country life in Kagoshima. It is far away from Tokyo, one hour and forty minuits by air plane, and another 2 hours by bus, plus another a half hours by a car. we had been enjoying very much the country of country life so far.
here, no contemporary arts exists at all, but great fresh foods, beautiful nature and warm people’s hearts. we think it is such treasure in our modern world, and we would like to share it with our good friends.
here, what we are trying to do in the festival below;

OAF 2013 / Japan

OAF2013 is a performing arts festival in Kagoshima, where the Southern wide area of Japan , with full of the beautiful rich nature, amazing cultural human being and very tasty agricultures.
It started by Japanese artists’ couple, JOU (contemporary dance artist) and Mitsuaki Matsumoto (audio-visualist) who had moved from Tokyo to Kagoshima to discover new cultural experiences in the area in 2012.

Since 2012, they started creative production “secondhome town”project in which they organize and create another way of relationships between people and societies. As according of the concept of the secondhome town project, in that propose and provide many different reasons for you as an artist to be back to the area as your secondhome town. Our proposal is challenging for investigation of how we can make more confortable relationships between people and town for our future. If we are family, we will see again no matter with or without money, and we will help each other with love ad care. We would like to make our relationship not because of only business, but like good friends as our own families.

this festival requests artist to meet another artist whom the festival office programs, and do some collaborative work together in the place.
in the other word, it is not the festival that artist just bring own piece and show in front of audience. the festival provides artist to make a secondhometown through the event and stay in the area.
the collaborative work should be connecting the space, that means your artistic work will give a new landscape or vision for the village people and for the space where you are working.
if you could stay the place as residency, try to meet people in village that would inspire you.
please enjoy your staying as you are in your hometown.

OAF2013 will be from 19th July until 4th August.

If you are interested in visiting or participanting our festival, please ask by email.

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